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Steel Shaft Construction

Aries Robust Steel Construction Lift Shaft System, used up to 1.6 m/s speed and 1000 kg capacity, is designed to enable lift applications in residences, commercial, historical and public buildings with none existing hoistways.

The modular structure provides ease of logistics and installation thanks to the design that does not require welding and drilling. All preparations for consoles, doors and other equipment are completed at the factory.

With high safety, full compliance to standards, high quality in material and reduced installation hours, Aries HFS covers all of the necessary requirements a lift installer and user needs.

Rated Load   320 kg 450 kg 630 kg 800 kg 1000 kg
Number of Persons   4 6 8 10 13
Rated speed   max. 1,6 m/s
Machine Room   Machine Roomless
Class 1: Passenger Lift   + + + + +
Class 2: Office Lift     + + + +
Class 4: Goods Lift     + + + +
Car Entrances   1 entrance, 2 entrances at 180° or 3 entrances
Max. Stops   4
Max. Shaft Height mm 16,5
Construction Type   The Profiles, Pre-Welded
Assembly Type   Bolts (Without Welding)
Bracket Distance mm 1200
Standards   ISO 8100-30 , EN81-20,  EN 1090
Color Options   Ral 7012 (Gray), Ral 9005 (Black) – /C3 Class
Clading Options   Laminated Glass, Composite Panels, /EN 13501-1
Air Circulation   Natural, Air Ventilation