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Dumb-waiter lifts are often used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and sometimes in villas for vertical transportation of small materials.

Dumb-waiter lifts can be produced as hydraulic or mechanic systems in order to meet the expection and need of different capacities, speeds and travels.

Rated Load Kg 100 – 300
Rated speed   max. 0,46  m/s
Machine Room   Machine Roomless
Class 5: Services Lift   +
Car Internal Height   800 – 900
Car Types   Services Elevators
Door Type   Guillotine Single Side
Car Entrances   1 entrance or 2 entrances at 180°
Door Clear Opening mm 600…1000
Door Clear Height mm 600…1000
Max. Stops   6
Max. Travel m 15
Min. Headroom mm 3000
Min. Pit Depth mm 800
Standards   ISO 8100-30, EN81-20/50, EN81-21, EN81-58, EN81-70