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Choose a Professional for an Ideal Lift Controller

Ametal is producing controllers since the first day of foundation. The controller has the most important function in a complete lift system. To achieve a proper functioning in any circumstances, an ideal controller needs correct components as well as skillful workmanship. The proper inner wire positioning for each lift provides comfort for technician while sorting out problems which may emerge after long years of usage.

The systems we prefer for our controllers are;
• Arkel /ARL-300
• Arkel /ARL-700
• Arcode

VVVF Drives;
• Arkel ARL-300, Arkel ARL-700
• Arkel Adrive

• Socket type prewiring for shaft
• Ametal makes the wiring of shaft and controller very simple for installer using the socket type prewiring for shaft. From operation panels to door contact and optional shaft illumination, all the components are produced with socket type wiring.
• The controllers produced for ARIES 350/400 and 450 MRL systems can be produced in 2 m cabinet of satin stainless steel or metallic gray color.