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Aries HFS Complete Lift Systems are designed for hydraulic passenger and freight lift applications for residential and office buildings and hospitals, including solutions up to 0,63m/s speed and 5000 kg capacity.

Designs suitable for freight lifts’ special working conditions (car, door, frame, brackets, etc.), it guarantees to work in the hardest circumstances.

These solutions are suitable for mid and high range traffic requirements and heavy duty conditions, complies with ISO 4190-1 requirements. With high security, full compliance to standards, high quality in material and reduced installation hours, Aries HFS covers all of the necessary
requirements a lift installer and user needs.

To answer all of the different requirements, there are standard layouts provided, which are fully in line with the Aries Robust steel construction solutions and Ametal Car design series.

Rated Load kg 1000 1275 1600 2000 2500 3000 3500 5000
Number of persons                  
Rated speed m/s up to 0,63 m/s
Class III: Hospital Lift                  
Class IV: Goods Lift                  
Max. Car Area m2 3,6 4,26 5,04 6,64 8,64 10,64 12,64 18,64
Car Internal Height mm  2250 / 2450 / 2650
Car Types   AC-F1 / AC-F2 / AC-F3
Door type   Central Opening Doors
Number of Car Entrances   1 entrance or 2 entrances at 180°
Door Clear Opening mm 900 .. 3000
Door Clear Height mm 2000 / 2200 / 2400 / 2600 / 2800
Max. Number of Stops   6
Max. Travel m 16
Min. Headroom mm 3000
Min. Pit Depth mm 900
Applicable Standards   EN81-20 / EN81-58 / EN81-70 / EN81-71 / EN81-72