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AMETAL was founded in 1988, at a time when manufacturing technologies were new in Turkey, with the goal of producing lift push buttons and controllers.

The vision of founder was not that of simply adhering to a well-defined standard, but raising it higher with respect to varying needs and technologies. Ametal became a global brand thanks to the quality of its genuine products at hand and flexible and innovative corporate identity, well-suited for changing demands. 

Analyzing worldwide trends, generating solutions to demands and converting them into service for its customers are the fundamental working principles of AMETAL. Today, in addition to the button and weight measurement systems it specializes in, Ametal provides to its clients, easy-to-install solutions with its Aries Complete Lift Systems.



Professional Approach

Quality and promptitude are our strong aspects. We work customer and solution oriented. Aries Complete Lift Systems guarantee safety, quality, functionality and easy installation.


Ethical Attitude

We place regard for man, the environment and the law at the forefront within every geographical boundary we do business in.



We pride ourselves on providing warm and friendly service to our customers. We listen well to our customers and develop the most suitable product for their needs with the aim of maximizing their satisfaction.



With our specialized team of experts, we base our processes on the customers’ demands and create opportunities for development and innovation.


Winning Together

“If the waters rise, all ships stay afloat” Ametal believes that the outputs of its internal industrial design and R&D processes should benefit the sector and the country as well as the company.


Our Vision 
With respect to our business, we constantly work to keep our leading position among other production, marketing and sales firms worldwide, to present the consumer with the highest caliber of product and service, and to serve as a model firm.

Our Mission
Placing emphasis on human resources, preparing ourselves for the future, constantly updating technological equipment, improving opportunities, and meeting the customer’s needs and expectations with higher quality, the best price conditions and within shorter terms.


With respect to vocational trainings and auditing under objective criteria, we, as Ametal Lift Components, ensure that, the cabin operators, landing operators, indicators, door detectors, controllers, electronic load weighing devices, and complete elevator systems that we produce maintain the same level of quality.

As part of the total quality management system, by performing continous developments and improvements in every possible areas, we work to deliver optimum cost and high quality products in accordance with domestic and international demands, fast and worldwide.

We aim customer satisfaction at the highest level, for this purpose, we focus and care about our customers’ opinions, evaluating them to achieve excellence in every process along with our staff and suppliers, in the light of “Total Quality Philosophy”.

  • 2014

    Opening of Ametal R&DC building


    1200m2 Ar-Ge Showroom

  • 2011

    Launching of “ARIES”, MR/MRL Complete Lift Systems

  • 2009

    Launching of the brand; Lusso Button – LuxuryProducts

    Launching of DODE Safety Systems

    Production of LWS 3F Electronic Load Weighing Systems

  • 2007

    Founding of foreign trade company; AMETALLIFT INC.Launching of the brand;

    BUTTONSHOP Economic Solutions

  • 2005

    Production of electronic indicators

  • 2001

    Founding of foreign trade company; AMETALLIFT INC.Launching of the brand;

  • 95-00

    Transition to ISO 9001 Quality Management System

    Production of electronic indicators

  • 1995

    Headquarters established in the new factory of 3.000 m² closed area, in Umraniye.

  • 1994

    Authorized distributor of Kleemann Hellas in Turkey

  • 1992

    Transition to electronic controller production

    The start of export sales and organization of its department

  • 1991

    Transition to button/fixture production

  • 88-91

    Production of relay based lift controller

  • 1988

    The founding – Kadıköy, İstanbul